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Political clashes amid an epidemic marked the beginning of the Republican Period in Brazil

The first decade of the Republican Regime saw an expansion of railroads, diseases and sanitation

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The average income in Brazil has increased 0.9% per year since 1980

Based on Claudio Haddad’s study, Insper traced 119 years of Brazil’s GDP per capita performance



ESG: Several insper areas embrace sustainability-related actions

Initiatives by our hubs and students discuss and deepen the debate on the ESG agenda, regarding environmental and social responsibility, and governance improvement 


Inside a legislative officer's work

Students and alumni from Insper's program in Public Policy discuss their experience in legislative work


Insper Alumni innovate in the digital marketing sector

Flávia Prado analyzes the importance of education at Insper for her professional experience and the success of HYPR, a company that offers solutions to unite physical and online audiences focused on increasing digital performance


The Legacy of the Pandemic: debating politics and communications

The last debate to launch the book "O Legado da Pandemia" addressed the lessons brought to the world of institutional politics and communication during this time


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Professors dedicated exclusively to Insper

Learn more about Insper’s professors and their lines of research and publications.

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