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Political clashes amid an epidemic marked the beginning of the Republican Period in Brazil

The first decade of the Republican Regime saw an expansion of railroads, diseases and sanitation

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The average income in Brazil has increased 0.9% per year since 1980

Based on Claudio Haddad’s study, Insper traced 119 years of Brazil’s GDP per capita performance



Insper faculty members launch a book on professor training

Insper's Dean of Academic Affairs and Coordinators of the Teaching and Learning Center had published a book focused on the design of courses and programs 


Insper launches research center dedicated to early childhood policy

The Brazilian Center for Early Child Development (CPAPI) was launched at an event that brought together researchers, institutions, and those interested in improving Brazilian public policy on education


Insper students win competition proposed by foreign bank

Bank of America Research Challenge enticed students to analyze the stock market to compete for a place in the final stage of the bank's internship selection process


Insper and UNICEF work together to propose technological innovations in the field of education

The two institutions signed an agreement seeking to develop innovative solutions in access to technology for East Timor's children and teenagers


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